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Silicone Love Doll


The Doll is made of a soft, flesh like silicone rubber (INCREDIBLY REALISTIC!) With three super realistic entries, a skeleton articulated with stainless steel bones and specially designed stainless steel joints. She is quite durable but should be treated with the care she deserves. made from the highest quality materials, and was designed from the ground up to ""take it"". Care should always be used especially when moving her around. The unique silicone blend will stretch up to 5 times it's normal state, and all stress areas are reinforced by KEVLAR! That's the same stuff used to make bulletproof vests for the police and military! If a finger nail should fall off or in the unlikely event a silicone tear occurs, a repair kit is provided.

Almost 100 pounds. ( Not your typical blow up doll. ) We decided to use a live model for the body. Vanna Lace (Miss Nude World) This would ensure that our proportions were very realistic and attractive. She is the real woman in the picture on this page. 5' 5"", 38DD, 23, 36. she has a very life like mouth and lips. She even has removable soft silicone teeth and extendable and removable tongue. The vagina and anus are so life like... and she truly is one size fits all. Mouth 6 inches deep, vagina 10 inches and anus 7 inches deep.

There is a "" lift"" that suspends her from a hidden connector in her head. Which makes movement, storage, and dressing a breeze. (Check out item #CNV4500)

Internal cleaning should be performed after each use with warm water and mild soap. Included is a douche bulb for this procedure. A sponge bath with mild soap can be used to remove anything on your Silicon doll and keep her fresh. Also, occasional talcum or baby powder is nice to keep her skin fresh and lifelike.

Picture 4 shows many different faces. All the bodies are the same, but when you place your order tell us which face design you would like, or let us know if you would like the Vanna Lace head.

  • Prices including shipping:
  • Continental USA $5890
  • Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico $5990
  • Outside of US or Canada $6290

Payment will only be accepted by Money order or Wire Transfer. Place your order and then send payment. We will ship once we receive payment. Choose the ""mail or fax"" order option for info on how to wire transfer or send a bank check.

To place an order for this item. Add it to your shopping cart, then select ""mail or fax"" orders. Choose a shipping option even though that will not apply to your order. Then mail, fax, or email your order to us. We will call or email you to schedule payment and delivery. Since all dolls are custom made, delivery may take up to 4-8 weeks.

Affiliates promoting this doll will only earn commission on a $750 sale because margins are much lower than usual on this item."

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