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Stephanie Swift Love Doll


These pictures were taken by and are the property of Convergence Inc.

Stephanie Swift is a vinyl rubber blow up doll. Her vagina and anus are made of a stretchy rubber material. The hole for the vagina is extremely small, but I think it is intended to be streched (and maybe torn) to expand its length per the person who uses it. The vagina/anus area vibrates controlled by a BP100 power pak that requires 4AA batteries. Her head is actually pretty attractive compared to most inflatable dolls. Her hands and feet are separately molded to make them more realistic than inflatable hands and feet. Sorry we don't have a picture of it, but her right hand is actually moldedto hold something (like a hard cock) and can easily be positioned in front of her mouth. In other words, her hand would be holding your cock as it goes in hermouth. Her mouth actually has a rotating tongue.


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